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Full time wheelchair user, part time disability

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

As a father to a 3 year old I know something about people feeling unfairly treated.

Try to explain that between 16 and 18 there is a number 17 and you are the enemy. If you say his favourite racing drivers name is pronounced Daniel Ricardo and not Ravacado, or sneak some carrot into a cottage pie then his world is about to end as he feels victimised by the family dictatorship.

I try not to use my disability any more then I need to. Like most people I just want to be treated "normally and I'm often too proud to admit I need help.

When the only disabled parking spot is taken by a parent outside school "just running in for a second" I'm happy to wait.

When someone asks "Can I hold that door open for you?

"it's OK I've got it thanks."

"Do you want a push up the hill?"

"No, I'm fine, I don't need any help thanks"

But when we can jump the queue and get a free ticket if my wife is listed as a carer I'll turn to my wife and say

"I'll get the blue badge and you give me a push"

I'm disabled,

I'm proud

and I'm independent

........ but I can't resist a bargain.

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