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Intro to Best Wheels Forward

To put your best foot forward is one of many phrases that need adaption to suit the tens of thousands of us that no longer walk.

The broadly accepted meaning of the phrase is 'to try as hard as possible to do something difficult' so I can't think of a better phrase to plajerize for stories about living with paralysis, an issue that objectively makes life more difficult in almost every way. The posts on here offer sideways and often upward look at life in a wheelchair.

Hopefully you will find some of these stories funny as I find living them. If you come out having learnt something too, then you are welcome.

My story is far from unique, in the UK alone it is estimated that 2,500 people a year are diagnosed with a Spinal Injury and 50,000 are currently living with it. Spinal Cord Injury, or SCI for acronym junkies, can happen at any time, to any person, but we all share two things in common.

We never expected it to happen to us and we haven't lost our sense of humour.

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