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Life Day

It is my life day today.

At 9.30am on the 5th October 2021 it was exactly 3 years since my accident. Its strange to think that 3 years ago I walked out of the house to everything being normal, apart from the fact it was warm in October which isn't normal at all. Less then an hour later I was on the floor unable to move. No loss of blood, no loss of consciousness but a permanent change and the biggest change in my life to date.

It's a strange feeling when this day comes around. More of a birthday celebration then a funeral commiseration. Another anniversary that you feel you should acknowledge every year but loses its appeal as life goes on.

The first year I went to the pub. The same pub I had planned to go to on the day of the accident, meeting the same person I was meant to have seen that afternoon. It was poetic, closing the circle 12 months later.

On the second Life Day the UK was a little lockdowny. I had hoped to have a meal with my whole family but in the end, due to the rule of 6, I spent it with Mrs BWF and my parents. It was subdued and a lovely way to spend it. It rained.

This year I had my hair cut, went to the gym and caught up with work. Not very different from any other day but one Injer-versary constant has remained. Every year I look back and add a new mantra that I've learnt / borrowed / stolen in the last 12 months.

In 2019 it was the realisation that 'happy people focus on what they have and miserable people focus on what they don't.'

In 2020 I learnt that 'if it's important you will make time, if it's not you will make an excuse.'

This year I've added 'Accept change' as it was another year where lots happened that I wasn't expecting, and was out of my control.

It doesn't matter how much you want things to stay the same they never do. I never expected to be a wheelchair user when I was in my twenties but then I never expected to like red wine and olives or use the word "mantra" and here we are. Very few people end up with lives the way they plan, and even if they do, no one takes the journey they expected to get there.

Tomorrow is a new day. Less personally poignant then the 5th October maybe but I look forward to experiencing it all the same.

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