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The Most Popular Person In The Room

I popped out to the butchers for some sausages this weekend and came back with a story about a local guy who broke his neck and is having problems with his wheelchair.

There is something about being young(ish) in a wheelchair that makes you the most popular person in the room. Having been at many a networking event early in my carear I've had plenty of opportunities to get used to small talk but it's always been one of those love hate relationships for me. Conversations with strangers can either be cringe-inducingly weird or unforgettably memorable.

The chat with the butcher this morning was middle of the road awkward. He meant well and if I hadn't been trying to rush home to meet friends I'd have probably enjoyed it more .

I love the strange, awkward and funny conversations so much that I've collated a top 5 of the year so far.

Are you any better yet ?

This one is a bit of a classic especially the first couple of years after injury. I still get it occasionally from people I see rarely but gladly now 3 years after the accident its sunk in that the answer is going to be 'No' untill Elon Musk pulls his finger out and cures paralysis.

My gran had one of those (points at the wheelchair)

This is one of those comments that it's really hard to find a reply for. Do I ask more questions about the wheelchair or the nan?

I broke my ankle when I was younger and was on crutches for two weeks.

Well you've found the right person to talk about this with. Two whole weeks really? How did you manage?

Just before my (insert family member here) died he / she / they were in a wheelchair and I used to push them.

Great you've given me something to look forward to.

However my absolute favourite goes to a WhatsApp message I received my friend Sean.

"Don’t expect sympathy from you of all people for this particular situation but I absolutely ruined my back yesterday morning when I sneezed while stirring my porridge (sadly not a euphemism)."

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